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My Favorite Alt Coins


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These are some of my (top 5) favorite alt coins...
I am not an alt coin investor, though I do day trading sometimes with BTC or USDT/USD

One reason is that, it is the most popular after bitcoin.
Another reason is I'm more comfortable trading with ETH pairs than with BTC pairs.

It started a few months after I transitioned into Crypto from Forex markets.
I like the team vision and the progress.

Binance Coin
Obviously since one of my favorite trading platform is Binance. 
Having some BNB helps reduce the transaction fees.

Doge Coin
Well I like dogs (who doesn't 🤔) and am building it since 3 years.
One of my goals was 100k doge, which I've achieved prior to the doge raise, when it was at around 20-21 sat.
Now I am setting my eyes for 1M DOGE, ambitious or over ambitious 😋

I like the way it broke into the top 10 list.
And as it enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data.
But I know very less about the coin and gathering the required fundamental knowledge.

As for me, I haven't invested in any alts except Ethereum. 
Bitcoin I have invested, and some of the alts I do day trading, as per my indicators/scripts.
I am not proficient in trading though, I am gathering data and expanding my fundamental knowledge.

What are your favorite alt coins? 
Have you invested in some of the alts? And/Or into Trading?


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I've got some interesting never-requested erc20s on my ETH wallet that are currently $300++ now just waiting for me to swap when ETH fees aren't so crazy. I can't explain why I have so many Livepeer tokens sent to me.

I bit, therefore I am?

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ADA.d On-chain governance system, hydra, smart contracts coming shortly, DCF, full prism integration, DApps, native tokens and so much more.  That's why I sold my doge and bought this. This is tradeable on bybit so you can make profits with it.

Crypto Market Analyst working with a crypto news company. Bitcoinsensus.Com for 5 year. Seeker of crypto and blockchain knowledge.

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There are lots of cryptocurrencies are exits in the digital world. But some are good and some are not good as the investing purpose. For my personal point of view Cardano, Ethereum & bitcoin are my favorite. They are successful in their field and given huge outcome when you invest your money. We all need to get the right information before investing money because understanding to crypto is most difficult. So it is good if you get experts. We can easily learn things when we are on a true learning platforms. Cryptalks is all about social media application where register persons share their point of view easily and also get to know which cryptocurrency is good for investment.

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My favorite Altcoins is Shiba Inu in 2022 because Shiba Inu is a new cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022. Thanks to chatter from social media sites like Reddit, SHIB erupted into the scene in October 2021, exploding over 1000 percent in under a month. Because much of its popularity is built on hype, this'meme coin' has a similar feel to Dogecoin.

Crypto Market Analyst working with a crypto news company. Bitcoinsensus.Com for 5 year. Seeker of crypto and blockchain knowledge.

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Cryptocurrency investing is still an extremely speculative endeavor, but it can be profitable for investors willing to risk painful losses in opportunities of big payouts.

Here are 7 of my favorite altcoins

1)Ethereum (ETH)
2)CRDNetwork (CRD)
3)Ripple (XRP)
4)Solana (SOL)
5)Polkadot (DOT)
6)Dogecoin (DOGE)
7)Litecoin (LTC)


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