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  • VIP Membership

    Indulge yourself with our VIP Membership program that comes with benefits that will enrich your gambling adventures.


    To achieve Premium VIP Membership, you must earn one of the top spots at our monthly wagering contests. Currently, the top five players on the leaderboard for Bitcoin and Ethereum, top three for Litecoin and the top player for the rest of the coins will enjoy this exclusive benefit for one whole month. PlayMoney winners are not eligible.

    VIP Benefits

    As a VIP Member, you will be entitled to the following benefits for the duration of your VIP status

    • Lower House Edge on Dice – Enjoy an exclusive advantage of playing with only 0.8% House Edge, which is 20% less than what regular players enjoy.
    • Highest Bet Priority – Experience no server-side delay while placing bets of any size allowing you to relish maximum bet speed.
    • Higher Exchange Limits – No more wasting time joining a third-party exchange because of onsite exchange limit. VIP members have a privilege of higher exchange limits! VIPs can exchange up to 10 times per day and the total limit is increased to a huge 1 Bitcoin!
    • VIP Chat room – Get access to our secret VIP chatroom. The room serves as a more private medium of communication between VIP players where they can exchange information and discuss different ideas and stories with the managers of the casino.
    • VIP Tag on Chat – Flaunt your status with the [VIP] tag that can be seen every time you send a message on the chatbox.
    • Happy Birthday! – CryptoGames celebrates your birthday by presenting you with $100 worth of Bitcoins! This is applicable for VIP members who have completed tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher and can be claimed by informing Support right before one’s birthday through email.
    • Bonus Faucet Level - Gain an additional faucet level allowing you to claim more rewards from the faucet!
    • Monthly Voucher Drops – Reap your VIP benefits by claiming vouchers sent to your email! The number of vouchers and the currency that you will receive depends on your position in the wagering contest. In case you win multiple contests, you will receive reward for only one that has the highest prize value. These vouchers are distributed on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of every month! The day in a week when vouchers are sent is randomly selected. The vouchers must be redeemed within three months, after which they expire.
      • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and BNB: 1st place winners are rewarded with 3 vouchers, 2nd place with 2 vouchers and 3rd place with 1 voucher per month. Each BTC/ETH voucher is worth around $100 where as LTC/BNB voucher is worth $80 each.
      • Monero: 1st Position Holder is rewarded with 1 voucher per month and each voucher is valued at $80.
      • All Other Coins: 1st Position Holders are rewarded with 1 voucher per month and each voucher is valued at $60. PlayMoney winners are unfortunately not awarded.

    Through all these benefits we wish to provide VIP members of CryptoGames a divine gambling experience!

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