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  1. That was simply awesome! I always tend to stay away from Roulette, but the revamped one made me come near to it How did you manage to hit those exact numbers, is there some secret sauce ?
  2. I see some of the new comers struggling with Blackjack. I got an idea - implementing the "smart hit, stand or double, split, fold" feature in blackjack, also an auto bet feature. It could be a simple and basic blackjack strategy, as in Video Poker. I don't know if it is feasible, though.
  3. Mihr

    Let's settle this!

    So what's the final verdict. Is Team Mario the winner or Team Sonic ?
  4. I would like to suggest the option to save the player-created bet setups ? I am not sure if it is already in the todo list
  5. How about a paid vip ? I think you would have taken this into consideration. There are more members in chat than in the forum. A paid vip only forum section might be an attraction for contributing to the forum ?
  6. Crypto.Games Username: Mihr BetID : https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48702788 17.515x
  7. I agree with you, when I see his stats it is "0.00013672" ETH wagered in total Let's leave it to the Mods/staff
  8. Crypto.Games Username: Mihr BetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14635599 BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14636155 BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14641054 BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14641443 BetID 5: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14644454 BetID 6: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14644763 BetID 7: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14652506 BetID 8: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14654279 BetID 9: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14654348 BetID 10: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14654517 BetID 11: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/1465
  9. Let me share with you briefly how I played Minesweeper, in the previous week's Minesweeper X pattern Challenge. payout = 41.599x 7 mines Pattern = X pattern Required Min Bet amount = 0.025 GAS (I played with Gas coin, but the strategy is applicable with any coin) Step - 1 I have started the auto mode for 25 to 35 times, bet amount = minimum, that is 0.0005 GAS. Isn't that surprising, I wanted to lose. If unfortunately I win, I stop - have a break and restart this Step-1 again. Step - 2 Fortunately if I lose 25 to 35 times, I change bet amount to 0.025 GAS
  10. Once I was addicted to La-Mulana - without googling and spoiling the fun. It was very hard and I gave up because of those crazy skeletons, whenever I close my eyes they came in my mind!
  11. Mihr

    Let's settle this!

    I've absolutely zero knowledge in this, Mario seems to be a familiar name as in super mario
  12. I was fond of the football manager game, at one time I was playing it for two to three months. Again, I was also playing the sims3 games until I get boredom! I am an avid fan of open world games, haven't got much time to enjoy playing those. To go after one goal, I had to give up a few things.. I haven't given much thought to complete all the achievements and trophies
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