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  1. Music section on forum?
  2. No paid VIPs The only way to become VIP is to earn it.
  3. Colecting more ideas about our VIP. How can we improve it?
  4. What about a MobileCoin (crypto that'll be integrated into Signal app)? https://www.wired.com/story/signal-mobilecoin-payments-messaging-cryptocurrency/
  5. Kewl


    hi, and welcome
  6. You could be super satisfied with it also, don't regret it. TBH it looks really nice! which one is it?
  7. Check Out Our New Minesweeper!
  8. When i was buying one, i was 100% sure i'm gonna buy the gas one, but then a guy at the bbq course convinced me to buy the real ceramic - coal bbq and I don't regret it. You can cook practicaly enything - from low and slow cooks (like ribs) to high temp cooks, like pizza. And the best part, you don't have to clean it. just grill in up to the max temperature and the greasy dirt will turn into dust.
  9. This can be easily reached with current setting if you calculate in advance "stop on balance higher than".
  10. it's been fixed. Try now
  11. As far as I checked the chips stays on the table even with the error “bet size is larger then balance”.
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