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  1. How many games are exist that who are accepting the crypto payments to buying credits & whole game.
  2. There are lots of cryptocurrencies are exits in the digital world. But some are good and some are not good as the investing purpose. For my personal point of view Cardano, Ethereum & bitcoin are my favorite. They are successful in their field and given huge outcome when you invest your money. We all need to get the right information before investing money because understanding to crypto is most difficult. So it is good if you get experts. We can easily learn things when we are on a true learning platforms. CrypTalks is all about social media application where register persons share their point of view easily and also get to know which cryptocurrency is good for investment.
  3. I don't think so. The crypto market is working totally differently than gold. But gold is most trusted for investing. There are various platforms from where you get the right information on crypto. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency then visit bitcoin chat crypto community here you can learn each and everything by joining us. Visit CrypTalks.
  4. There are various platform to learn crypto. Like forums, groups, communities and some exchange applications that share their strategies like CrypTalks. It is social media application that helps to connect you with crypto lovers and give full access to share you views and vision on crypto world.
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