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  1. A streaking streak might be more attractive for me to look up.
  2. Crypto.Games Username: SojournerBetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395003 0BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395052 2BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28394988 4BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395006 6BetID 5: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395009 8BetID 6: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395014 10BetID 7: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395022 11BetID 8: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395055 13BetID 9: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395002 15BetID 10: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28395057 17BetID 11: https://crypto.games/b
  3. Crypto.Games Username: SojournerBetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14772499 (Green)BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14773596 (Red)BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14777072 (Blue)BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14777381 (Yellow)
  4. CryptoGames Username: <Username>BetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329583BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329598BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329717BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329732BetID 5: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329734BetID 6: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329741BetID 7: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329760BetID 8: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329770BetID 9: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329780BetID 10: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/8329862BetID 11: https://crypto.games/bet/blackjack/832988
  5. Only played it twice (two sessions). First was a Minesweeper challenge, I put in 24 mines and kept playing til I found the single coin. Obviously, too easy as many others posted a lot higher strats. Still in my second session today (another MS challenge). Thinking of maybe 10/11 mines? And just keep playing opening coins in space 0,1,2,3 onwards until I feel like the payout's good enough.
  6. I like this one yeah. I see that my settings for auto are saved, but only from my last session. Would be super cool to have several setups saved (or it spits out the shortcut url for us to bookmarkm if that's possible and I'm not talking out of my ass.
  7. Probably too early to post as minesweeper heats up a lot but;) ====================== CryptoGames Username: SojournerBetID: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48725936
  8. When CG ETH staking pool?
  9. I've got some interesting never-requested erc20s on my ETH wallet that are currently $300++ now just waiting for me to swap when ETH fees aren't so crazy. I can't explain why I have so many Livepeer tokens sent to me.
  10. How about negative levels. Like MuteVeteran.
  11. Or follow hot and follow cold. Like how there are hot or cold numbers on roulette.
  12. Opened a bookmark for minesweeper and it sends me to roulette;)
  13. Crypto.Games Username: SojournerBetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/videopoker/9427761BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/videopoker/9429180BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/videopoker/9431830BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/videopoker/9431845
  14. Thank you Nobfox for changing my life! I used to work 60 hours a week for $20 but now I am earning from my laptop working 15 mins a day without selling a product and listening to my favourite song on Youtube! <<<--- YOU CAN TOO --->>>
  15. Imagine playing Japanese language titles and spending the first few days or weeks learning what the options or controls meant, and then trying to find all the hidden things by trying every possible way to beat bosses without google. Yeah. all those wasted hours. Nob mentioned Shining Force 2 once. I played the Japanese version. That game got me stuck for weeks on one map where you had to BRING an item given to you ages ago in your inventory, to open a cave. I recall it was a wide area with forests and a cave. I almost cried not knowing what to do. By the time I knew what to do, I'd levele
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