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  2. I see some of the new comers struggling with Blackjack. I got an idea - implementing the "smart hit, stand or double, split, fold" feature in blackjack, also an auto bet feature. It could be a simple and basic blackjack strategy, as in Video Poker. I don't know if it is feasible, though.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Play with us on April 14th and April 15th, and wager 0.25 BTC, 0.5 BTC or 1.25 BTC on any game you like. - You have 48 hours (from April 14th 00:00 UTC until April 15th 23:59 UTC) to reach your goal. - 1 prize per player. - Players don't have to claim their reward. - We will reward the first 10 players who wagered 0.25 BTC, first 5 players who wagered 0.5 BTC, and first 3 players who wagered 1.25 BTC. Prizes: 1 mBTC for wagering 0.25 BTC 3 mBTC for wagering 0.5 BTC 7 mBTC for wagering 1.25 BTC
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  6. There we go. Unless that thread has 500 pages over night, we should be good for now. If its popular and people use it a lot, who knows, might end up having its own section after all.
  7. Lutpin

    Beats by me

    This is a collective thread where you can exchange music, share your own stuff, or probe others for their favorites. Anything audio goes in here, be creative. I'll start it off with some lofi:
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  9. Would it not make sense to just post stuff in Off-Topic > General?
  10. We'll see what we can do
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  12. Music section on forum?
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  14. Last week
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  16. Hello, when I am setting up autobet for minesweeper, I think it would be nice if it showed me the chance of winning together with the potential payout. Thanks. Tharey
  17. Well done to all those who took part in the minesweeper challenge. As we had a good number of valid entries, prizes this week hit tier two! Place Username Multiplier 1 bourne 404.105x 2 Tharey 404.105x 3 Dpk404 297.000x 4 meysamapp 189.750x 5 somuchee 189.750x 6 Lauri 176.796x Rewards have no been distributed in the chat.
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  19. Win 10 bets with 3 sevens, 4 bets with 4 of the same symbol, and 1 bet with 4 sevens. Then post all your BetIDs on this thread. The goal of this challenge: Win 10 3x7 bets, Win 4 4xA bets, and win 1 4x7 bet. With the following conditions: - All bets must be wins. - PlayMoney bets are not eligible. - Only 1 claim per player. - Combinations have to be hit exactly (for example: 4 sevens does not count as 3 sevens). - Post all your bets in on single unedited post. - If one of your bets is invalid, you are not eligible for a reward. - Minimum bet: 50 credits. Whe
  20. Crypto.Games Username: Bourne BetID: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48709192 404.105x
  21. Crypto.Games Username: Lauri BetID: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48746535. 176.796x
  22. Crypto.Games Username: somuchee BetID: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48746508 189.750x
  23. Ha Kewl and Joter! Tricked ya ;D Nah. Just kidding. I would suggest a Music section here as well! The cause is kinda obvious! ~V
  24. Team Mario by the looks of it. Thiago was right though, Sonic had cool shoes.
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