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  1. There were a total of 9 valid entries, and here's the results: Placement Player Streak Reward 1st Tharey 12 0.007 BTC 2nd Lauri 11 0.004 BTC 3rd gerasrocha 11 0.0025 BTC 4th Mihr 10 0.0015 BTC 5th bourne 10 0.001 BTC The following is the result for players that were valid but did not manage to score a reward: Placement Player Streak Reward 6th NaughtyDoggy 10 - 7th Exojr 9 - 8th somuchee 9 - 9th Xabre777 6 - Thanks for playing! And for those that didn't win, best of luck for the next one. Rewards will be sent out shortly after this is posted.
  2. All entries are valid, and rewards have been sent out. Thanks for playing.
  3. Can't think of anything but the most obvious answer for open world games on the PS4, and that's Red Dead Redemption 2. That's as open world as it gets for this generation. Oh and Cyberpunk 2077 Yeah not that one, it got delisted from the store for a good reason
  4. Play with us on March 24th and March 25th, and wager 75 LTC, 150 LTC or 425 LTC on any game you'd like. - You have 48 hours (from March 24th 00:00 UTC until March 25th 23:59 UTC) to reach your goal. - Claim your prize by posting your Crypto.Games username on this thread. If your forum name is the same as your username, simply say you have completed the task. - 1 prize per player. - We will reward the first 10 valid claims for 75 LTC wager, 5 claims for 150 LTC wager, and up to 3 claims for wagering 425 LTC. Prize: 1 mBTC for wagering 75 LTC, 3 mBTC for wagering 150 LTC and 7 mBTC for wagering 425 LTC. All players can go for the 7 mBTC prize. Note that only LTC wager is eligible for reward. Players will be rewarded the next day. This event will start on Wednesday, March 24th at 00:00 UTC and will run until Thursday March 25th 23:59 UTC. You can claim your prize until March 26th 01:00 UTC (an hour after the challenge is finished). You can find your daily wager under statistic on your gamepage. This post will auto-unlock once the event has started and lock when it has finished. Catch the winning spirit!
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