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Found 4 results

  1. Mines 7 Row 1 column 2,2 ,row 2 column 5,5 ,row 4 column 2,2 ,row 4 column 4,4 just like a dinosaurs step if lose 4x change row 4 column 4,4 to row 5 column 5,5 , If win 5x change row 2 column 5,5 to row 1 column 5,5. If win 5x add bets 10,15,20,10,10, If lose 4x minus 10,15,20,20 i hope it works to you guyss if youre lazy enough dont change your bets just change the mines from 7 to 5
  2. Guys heres the chances of token appears with 24x mines as for me Row 1: 1 40%, 2 75%, 3 40%, 4 70%, 5 43% Row 2: 1 50%, 2 60%, 3 40%, 4 40%, 5 65% Row 3: 1 40%, 2 43%, 3 50%, 4 45%, 5 39% Row 4: 1 45%, 2 50%, 3 37%, 4 77%, 5 68% Row 5: 1 43%, 2 39%, 3 35%, 4 39%, 5 40% Its up to you if you trust this post of mine, use playmoney when trying this
  3. My last adventure I am sharing one of my strategies. I used this as a backup strategy. Whenever things go wrong, I'd relied on this & its variants. And it has served me well! tldr; Martingale, Payout 2.02x, 30% increase on loss & 30% decrease on win. Reset when in profit. Bankroll management is the key. Firstly, I played & tested this rigorously with playmoney. Only then I applied with crypto. Using autobet mode, we cannot reset to basebet - once we are in profits. I use a python script for this, though it can also be applied with dicebot. Including the pictures of dicebot settings: 1) https://ibb.co/M9HqsPv 2) https://ibb.co/8bKg3gY 3) https://ibb.co/xSfBFFZ 4) https://ibb.co/cyV46PD Few words of advise: As I said, Bankroll management is the key. My preferred basebet is 10,000 times divided from my balance. For example, if I have balance of 0.01 then I place 100 sat as my basebet. And I keep updating my basebet based on the results. The next important thing is observation. (Although there are no patterns!) There are 3 scenarios where I continue placing bets, and adjust according to the pattern. 1) High numbers outnumber the lows. 2) Lows outnumber the highs. 3) There are alternate highs and lows. There is another scenario. Whatever I bet - high or low, the result will be opposite. Example, if I bet low, high numbers are rolled and vice versa. This is the situation when I stop betting. I return to playmoney bets once again! And only when the stars are favorable to me, I resume my bets! Take this strategy, twist/tweak & come up with your own strategy. In that way if your strategy fails, you learn to improve upon it. That is the key to success. Why am I sharing - there are three motives. 1) I see few players saying playmoney has zero value. Believe me, zero is infinite. 2) I love to help. 3) I am moving away from gambling. As few of our friends know, I'm a chess player, also into trading. Chess itself is an ocean, and giving time to my Mom & my spouse... Though I like to hide my whereabouts - My marriage is during next weekend & I'm happy to find an elegant Muslim partner. Okay, another quickie before I leave... For the weekly wager contests, auto mode 2.0200x Payout On win: Decrease bet by 60 % On loss: Increase bet by 38.04 % Switch over/under on win And as I said, 10k times divided from the balance is the basebet. Give it a try & I am sure you will succeed for a while! I love CG, the Mods, Admins, Support, friends & my enemies (if there are any!) and the memories! And I wish you all success in your adventures! Does that mean I am done with gambling? I think so...... who knows? Whenever somebody needs my help, I shall be back!
  4. I would like to suggest an easy to follow & simple algorithm, especially for new/inexperienced gamblers... (This might be a well known strategy, to be honest, I learnt the strategy from a gambler long time ago, it was for slots, however it is applicable to dice and customizable as well.) So lets get started - Firstly start with Play Money, practice the strategy - if you like it and feel confident, only then apply the strategy with your favorite coins. Roll Over/Under = Your Choice, but keep it constant during the session, until you win. Note - If you win at any point, refresh the page/change seed/change seat, However you like it, or you may end the session after a win! Again when you want to continue playing - start afresh from Step - 1, also you might want to swap Roll Under/Over. Step - 1 Bet Amount = 10 * 1 = 10 Payout = 10 Roll for 9 times If you lose 9 times, follow Step - 2 Step - 2 Bet Amount = 10 * 2 = 20 Payout = 10 Roll for 5 times If you lose 5 times, follow Step - 3 Step - 3 Bet Amount = 10 * 3 = 30 Payout = 10 Roll for 3 times If you lose 3 times, follow Step - 4 Step - 4 Bet Amount = 10 * 4 = 40 Payout = 10 Roll for 3 times If you lose 3 times, follow Step - 5 Step - 5 Bet Amount = 10 * 5 = 50 Payout = 10 Roll for 2 times If you lose 2 times - well, consider that's the end of the session You might want to close the session and relax for a while, grab some coffee And there's always the next time The above strategy is an "example strategy". I would like you to build, expand, customize it & create your own strategy! And do not give up - I would like to instill some confidence in you - take this strategy & twist, tweak according to your taste. By the way, changing strategies is also a good strategy And above all, remember this is a game & we are here for fun and entertainment, which is a part of our daily lives. Whenever the mind becomes dull/bored, whenever we lack motivation, We enjoy the games and chat here in CG, for a boost of confidence & motivation..... Well, I could go on and on..... I think I wrote enough for now Feel free to comment/suggestions & share your success/failure stories using this strategy/customized one! Cheers, and enjoy your time, good luck
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