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  1. Well, I've checked it thoroughly and, actually, not quite yet: • Yes, the balance is always updated. • Yes, chips no longer disappear after pressing "E" (after the error, with insufficient balance to cover the minimum). • But they keep disappearing if, in that same special circumstance, "R" is pressed. On the other hand, while checking all this, I've seen an inconsistency in gameplay: when there is not enough balance to double the bet, there is no difference between pressing "E" or "R". In both cases the same thing happens: all the remaining balance is used to cover the chip lay
  2. Wow, that's bad luck! When I put it up it was fine, but now it “is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance! Check back later and it will be available again!” And it seems like it's been in that situation for at least 10 hours. Let's see ... even without the video, it should be possible to reproduce the problem with the prompts from my previous message: But if you also want to watch the video now, without waiting, it occurs to me that you can indicate me an email address and I can attach it in a message. In the meantime, I'll see if I can find some alternative accommoda
  3. Well, it's taken me a little while to put all the elements together to get a valid video accessible from the forum , but finally its URL is .… https://anonfiles.com/jcR1Vbo5uf/CG_Ethereum_roulette_2021-04-04_05_mp4 I trust that it will be of help to you.
  4. It still happens to me, as I have described before (although it seems that with Play the balance is updated). While I see if I can record it on video and upload it, I will describe it clearly and easily so that you can reproduce it. •I have a layout of X chips on the table. (The minimum balance to cover all is 10.X credits.) •After my last bet (necessarily losing) I have a balance less than 10.X (and I get “Error: Bet size is larger than balance”). •Now pulse “E” and … aha, the chips disappear from the table. Oh, and the balance is no longer updated (except with Play). And t
  5. Well, I have no practice with that, but I'll try to do it. In the meantime, attention, because it looks like the new Minesweeper has a similar issue: • After getting “Error: Your balance is too low for this bet.”, the balance stops updating and you need to reload the page so that the actual balance appears and can continue playing.
  6. JuGar


    Yes NobFox, of course. But I mean if it's available for use in ···/chatall.aspx?channels=···
  7. Yes NobFox, thank you.
  8. Yes, neither do I. Because I already appear as a full member, like you.
  9. Although it does not always happen. It seems that only when the balance is not enough to minimally cover all the chips bet.
  10. Well, it's happened to me again, Joter. Let's see: Betting on auto mode, I get "Error: Bet size is larger than balance" and it stops, of course. If I now try to raise the bet (e.g. press E), the table is cleaned. And I also see that the balance on the page stops being updated.
  11. Well, it doesn't happen to me (yet), Mihr. But it may be because my status (although I have already carried 11 posts, not counting this one) is still “Newbies”, while yours already appears as “Full Member”. And it must be that, in that change of your state, there is some malfunction. Surely the technicians here will know what it could be.
  12. It occurs to me that it may have to do with your problem, because it changes your status. You could try logging out of the forum and re-entering
  13. Has it happened to you since you've exceeded 10 posts here?
  14. It doesn't happen to me, Mihr. (I'm on PC).
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