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  1. Would it not make sense to just post stuff in Off-Topic > General?
  2. Well done to all those who took part in the minesweeper challenge. As we had a good number of valid entries, prizes this week hit tier two! Place Username Multiplier 1 bourne 404.105x 2 Tharey 404.105x 3 Dpk404 297.000x 4 meysamapp 189.750x 5 somuchee 189.750x 6 Lauri 176.796x Rewards have no been distributed in the chat.
  3. Team Mario by the looks of it. Thiago was right though, Sonic had cool shoes.
  4. I have no idea how popular they are these days, so mostly I was referring to the playground banter that often divided the school in the 90s. I had a mega drive before a snes and loved sonic, but there was something about Super Mario World that even too this day gets me hyped up. For me "superior" as a definition would be what game(s) would you constantly come back to and play for the millionth time? Also, Mario had a save feature.
  5. This is getting interesting. Leaderboard so far: Player Multiplier Tharey 404.105 Cryptonesiac 83.198 Lauri 41.599 sangsapurba 41.599 Mihr 35.031 gerasrocha 18.975
  6. Well done to the winners of the ETH wagering quest. All rewards have been distributed in the chat. For this and all future wagering contests, any player that meets the minimum wagered amount will be rewarded automatically without the need to post on the forum.
  7. Hi, What's your CryptoGames username? If we can't check your wagered amount, we can't check if you qualify for a reward.
  8. You still have quite a way to go. The minimum entry for this is 7.5 ETH. You have not wagered anywhere near this amount.
  9. Well done to NaughtyDoggy and bourne. The rewards have been distributed in the chat.
  10. Join us for two milestone bets and a chance to win $300 in BTC.
  11. Congratulations to the winners! Rewards have now been distributed in the chat.
  12. Uniflame Classic 6 Burner: https://direct.asda.com/george/outdoor-garden/view-all/uniflame-classic-6-burner-gas-bbq-with-side-burner/050547727,default,pd.html I checked out the ceramic ones and they look slick!
  13. >_< I just bought a gas one based on good reviews! Should have checked back here first.
  14. Join us for some fun and games over Easter as well as a lowered house edge on dice!
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