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Wandering in the Mines - Mihr's Minesweeper Strategy


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Let me share with you briefly how I played Minesweeper,
in the previous week's Minesweeper X pattern Challenge.

payout = 41.599x
7 mines
Pattern = X pattern
Required Min Bet amount = 0.025 GAS
(I played with Gas coin, but the strategy is applicable with any coin)

Step - 1
I have started the auto mode for 25 to 35 times,
bet amount = minimum, that is 0.0005 GAS.
Isn't that surprising, I wanted to lose.
If unfortunately I win, I stop - have a break and restart this Step-1 again.

Step - 2
Fortunately if I lose 25 to 35 times,
I change bet amount to 0.025 GAS & play manually for 10 to 15 times.

If I win then the bet counts for the challenge and I make some profit too!
If I lose then I have a break or restart from Step-1 again.

This is how I wandered in and around those mines... 😄

If you like this strategy then apply it with play money first
and if you feel confident, then apply with real money.

Also, you might want to twist, tweak, customize
and come up with your own strategy out of this!

How do you play minesweeper? What's your strategy? 🤔
Good luck with the mines 👍 🍀

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Only played it twice (two sessions). First was a Minesweeper challenge, I put in 24 mines and kept playing til I found the single coin. Obviously, too easy as many others posted a lot higher strats.

Still in my second session today (another MS challenge). Thinking of maybe 10/11 mines? And just keep playing opening coins in space 0,1,2,3 onwards until I feel like the payout's good enough.

I bit, therefore I am?

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I like this strategy and for the X marks the mine challenge I just play over and over until I hit the X. 

 For mines in general I usually play anywhere from 10-18 mines as for betting it just depends on how much I can loose before I win. I pick one corner and I pick in a straight line either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal  3-5 mines (depends how lucky you get) but I've noticed in between 10-18 mines almost always completes a straight line of 3-5 somewhere on the board so I pick one straight line and stick to that one line until it hits and after it hits I'll change my starting spot.

DISCLAIMER**** I only just recently started playing mines so some other strategies be interesting to see.

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Minesweeper is a kind of game I can play only on AUTO mode if ti's less than 18 mines there, because once I won I want to cash out. 🙂

But if there are 18+ mines, it's interesting to play it manually too.

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