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★ Wagering Quest: May 29th ★ Wager 0.04 BTC ★


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Wager 0.04 BTC

Challenge ends in:


Challenge description

Wager 0.04 BTC to be rewarded. You can wager on any game you like.


Rules & Requirements

  • 1 claim per player.
  • Only BTC wager counts.
  • Wager on May 29th from 00:00 UTC until 23:59 UTC.
  • All games are allowed.



  • 0.2 mBTC (0.00020000 BTC).
  • Winners will be rewarded within 48 hours after challenge is finished.


How to Enter

  • Players doesn't have to claim reward on this thread.
  • Anyone who wager at least 0.04 BTC on Monday May 29th is eligible for reward, except those who are excluded from challenges.


Players excluded from entering this promotion:



Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events.

Catch the winning spirit!

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Nickname Wagered
tmills 1.1299856
s0lidus 0.171515
Skyelar 0.13080964
Jinx 0.07973264
maxownage01 0.074419
Add1ctu5 0.06847271
Rayle322 0.05778648
Nash346 0.05404875
abolt 0.02320705
Klugkk 0.02206542

Last updated: 20:50 UTC 

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