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  1. Updated: 2021-07-21 12:20 UTC Day 1 Day 2 Nickname Wagered Nickname Wagered Barrie542 112.0293267 Rendol89 76.615 Subh367 6.10735095 TuzlaMuzla 5.02112123 Laca521 2.075 bourne 2.05262386 chief999 1.75207694 Mihr 1.67345849 howlingmad 1.6645 Prentis196 1.62831531
  2. Fantastic effort guys! Rewards have been dealt in the chat. Current ongoing challenge: Slots. Go check it out!
  3. You're now verified on the forum too.
  4. This promotion has now ended to make way for exciting new promotions. Thanks to all those that took part. Catch the winning spirit!
  5. Fantastic effort. Well done guys! Results table below: Place Player Sum of Multipliers 1 NaughtyDoggy 23,930 2 Exojr 20,830 3 Hustler1984 15,920 4 bourne 13,630 5 Eibhear767 10,140 6 Sadia19 5,000 7 CrazyTiger 4,930 8 Evian172 4,650 9 tasya 3,580 10 odot 3,580 Ongoing challenge is Roulette: Opposites attract.
  6. Roulette Challenge: Hunt for consecutive hits on opposite numbers, then post your BetIDs on this thread to claim 0.5 mBTC reward. Examples of qualifying bets: Hit 31, then 13 in the next bet Hit 23, then 32 in the next bet Hit 12, then 21 in the next bet Rules: - They must be winning bets (bet must be profitable, no breaking even). - 1 claim per player. - Players must only bet on both numbers - Numbers can be hit in any order- Post your BetIDs on a single unedited post before July 26th 01:00 UTC (an hour after challenge is finished) .- Only bets placed between July 23rd from 00:00 UTC until July 25th 23:59 UTC are valid.- All coins except Playmoney are allowed.- Minimum betsize: 20 credits Prize: 50,000 Satoshi (we will reward the first 30 valid claims) When you hit the required bets, post your CryptoGames username and your BetIDs on this thread before Monday July 26th 01:00 (1 hour after challenge is finished) using this format: CryptoGames Username: <Username> BetID 1: <link to BetID> BetID 2: <link to BetID> Any player attempting to post old bets, other players bets or bets that aren't consecutive will be excluded from all future challenges. Challenge ends in: We will reward the first 30 eligible claims within 48 hours after the challenge is over. Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events. Catch the winning spirit!
  7. Well done to all those that took part in the plinko contest. Rewards have been dealt in the chat. Current ongoing challenge is dice!
  8. Here's some delicious vouchers. Grab them fast, they go quick. 4A4E-EBXT-EEXV-ELME-FM2 G4G-E2SO-D83K-RC4F-ARW XYQH-EEOF-P6DZ-6UJ-EOQ
  9. You both now have a verified badge.
  10. Fantastic effort! Well done to everyone who won a prize. Final results below: Rank Player Multiplier 1 NaughtyDoggy 2504.7x 2 RigsterZ 1442.1x 3 bourne 1077.613x 4 Exojr 1077.613x 5 JuGar 831.981x 6 Eibhear767 569.25x 7 Sadia19 417.45x 8 8bunt2 379.5x 9 Evian172 379.5x 10 Lauri 356.563x Our current ongoing challenge is Plinko - Hit unique payouts. Good luck!
  11. Please note: The minimum bet for this promotion is now 1000 satoshi.
  12. Be sure to join us today and tomorrow for lots of fun chat games! We have something to suit everyone: General Knowledge Site Trivia Roll and Flip games Mini challenges on site games You can view both English and International chats easily using the following link, so you don't miss a game. https://crypto.games/chat/chatall.aspx
  13. Fantastic effort and nice to see lots of verified users getting an extra 20%. Rank Player Total Hits 1 Exojr 217 2 NaughtyDoggy 124 3 vinik 65 4 bourne 55 5 odot 51 6 Evian172 40 7 Sadia19 40 8 kingPyorn 31 9 Mihr 31 10 Hustler1984 22 Current ongoging challenge: Blackjack - Win with three 7s.
  14. Final results for the top 10 over the 48 hour contest: Rank Player 1 Shahista 2 tmills 3 KookieKonga 4 Kelsie080 5 Skyelar 6 LycheeAsia 7 pelcuk 8 Hustler1984 9 gently 10 RTVI Note: The table in the post above only shows the top 10 for each day. Players may have wagered amounts on day two that did not make it to the top 10. Well done to all those that took part. Rewards will be dealt in the chat shortly. 4 people managed to wager over 1 BTC, so 4 bonuses to deal this week!
  15. Last Updated: 2021-07-08 23:59:59 UTC Day 1 Day 2 Nickname Wagered Nickname Wagered KookieKonga 0.9911385 Shahista 3.61883057 tmills 0.93452507 Kelsie080 1.4341136 pelcuk 0.35552873 tmills 0.9428162 gently 0.24667906 KookieKonga 0.6307433 Skyelar 0.19657017 Skyelar 0.60030294 adludwig 0.1364588 LycheeAsia 0.5613971 Falkoneti 0.11249799 Hustler1984 0.295876 Rawley821 0.0475258 RTVI 0.19000549 RTVI 0.0462063 Falkoneti 0.10106715 LycheeAsia 0.04038077 KrSunny 0.06962065
  16. Yeah. It's a worry.
  17. Like this? https://forum.crypto.games/topic/140/
  18. Fantastic! Glad you remembered to claim this one on the chat too.
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