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FCHunter's Starter Dice Strategies - Feeling lucky, punk?

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Hey friends!

Thanks for stopping by! Today I'd like to share a few Dice strategies I've used over the years with some level of success. They aren't particularly difficult strategies to employ (they all use the "Auto Bet" function, so very set-and-forget), and leave room for customization and building upon.

As with any gambling strategy, the primary enemy of a good lucky run is not walking away or ending the session. This is because of the way RNGs work; eventually, you're going to run into a streak of losing bets that goes far outside the expected probability of the selected bet.

We've all been there, right? Starting balance goes to 2 times, 3 times, even 20 times the starting balance - only for the entire balance to be ripped before your very eyes! What risk management you use (in this case, knowing when to end the session) is entirely up to you, however I'd highly suggest not gambling unless you have one in place.




FCHunter's 4% Dice Strategy

For this strategy, you will be using the Auto-Bet function, with the following values:

Bet Amount - [Minimum that currency allows] or [Bet amount = Starting balance / 60 for 'High Risk', or Starting balance / 120 for 'Low Risk']

Pay out Multiplier - 24.75x

On Loss - Increase bet 7.8%

On win - Reset bet + Switch Over/Under

This particular strategy uses an adjusted martingale style bet progression, with the goal to build the balance enough in the first ~50 bets such that the balance builds enough to withstand the eventual streak of losses that would otherwise decimate the balance. With this strategy, the probability of consistently hitting 4 wins every 100 bets decreases over time (due to the Law of Large Numbers), so I suggest setting a balance goal in mind (getting a 3x or 4x of balance size is quite achievable with a bit of luck) and stopping once that balance goal has been reached.

If the currency you have chosen doesn't allow a bet size large enough to calculate a 7.8% increase (in this case, a bet value of "100" would be required), then you can manually bet this strategy starting from a lower number. For example, let's assume the biggest "minimum" bet you can do is "1": Your bet progression would look like - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30.... (basically increasing the bet amount by 10%)




FCHunter's 23.75x Dice Strategy

This is a modified version of the above strategy, that makes use of the increased win percentage (4.168% vs 4%). Whilst this may not sound like much of a gain in odds, in practice this small difference increases the win rate substantially over a large amount of total bets. Use the following values:

Bet Amount - [Same as Bet Amount for FCHunter's 4% Dice Strategy shown above)

Pay out Multiplier - 23.75x

On Loss - Increase bet 8.5%

On Win - Reset bet + Switch Over/Under

Similar strategy as the 4% Dice Strategy, however taking advantage of the slight increase in win odds. Due to the reduction in pay out multiplier, a small increase per losing bet must be used to keep the profit curve relatively the same.




FCHunter's 3-X Dice Strategy

Once again, this strategy makes use of the Auto-Bet function for ease of use. This strategy uses a reverse martingale approach (increasing the bet size on a winning wager) to attempt to quickly build a large balance. There are a few variations that can be used with strategy, depending on your appetite for risk and also how much of a playing balance you have. Use the following values:

Bet Amount - Anywhere from [Starting Balance / 30] to [Starting Balance / 300]

Pay out Multiplier - 3.666x

On Loss - Reset Bet

On Win - Increase bet 300% (you want your subsequent winning bet to be 3x your initial bet, for example: 1, 3, 9, 27....)

Stop If Balance Higher Than - [Input your starting balance]

Usually this strategy is used with a "Stop Betting On [X] Streak of Wins", however since this site doesn't have that Auto-Bet function, we need to make do with stopping the bets once we're in profit. Using this strategy it's not uncommon to 9x your starting balance with a few runs, however some luck is needed to make this happen. This strategy is also good for wagering volume; since there isn't a traditional martingale approach, the likelihood of a bet size becoming larger than the account balance through consecutive losses is quite low.

Generally speaking, my general approach to this strategy is to stop bets after 3-4 consecutive wins. Depending on your starting bet amount and your luck for the day, this can potentially equate to a large amount of profit in a short amount of time.




FCHunter's "Balls to the Wall" Dice Strategy

This is basically a variation of either the 4% Dice Strategy or the 23.75x Dice Strategy. The only difference, is that on each losing bet you increase the bet amount by 21%. You obviously need a large playing balance, since the bet sizes increase on a very steep curve. However, if luck is on your side, it's not rare to see massive gains in a few hours of play.

As an example, on a different platform, I was able to take a balance of 5.00000000 BTT (BitTorrent Token) to a final balance of 1527.9874xxxx in around 2 hours. Your mileage may vary.




And there you have it! I'm currently working on a few additional strategies that I'd be keen to share here with you guys as well, provided the feedback is positive enough 😉

If you use any of the above strategies, please share your results in this thread. Did you adjust the parameters of the strategies with success? Please share as well! Always appreciate seeing different strategies, and especially variations of my own.

Used these strategies and loved them, and want to give back? Feel free to send me a message with your appreciation, or if you really enjoyed using these strategies, feel free to send me a tip.


Once again thanks for stopping by, and I wish you the best of luck for all of your future endeavours.


Much love ❤️


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Here is an example using BTC with a minimum bet amount of 1 satoshi. The starting balance in this example was 820 satoshi. 22 losing bets, with the 23rd bet being the winning bet. Using this strategy we saw the balance increase by 61.22%. Not bad!

4 percent dice strategy example run BTC.JPG

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22 hours ago, Betwrong said:

When I was only starting with dice I too thought that my strategies worked. 🙂

Now I know that in purely luck-based games like dice the only strategy is no strategy. 

I guess you could say you bet wrong


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casinos gamblers should know ... that casino always win on long term ... every strategy wich will run over time will result in negative value ... even a dice calculator put on 98% wagering strategy in 380000 turns a streak of bankrupt ... that's why people should try to get explosive wins and rush out ... the summ of every number on roullete is ofc *,.*

ωнєη уσυ gαzє ℓσηg ιηтσ αвуѕѕ тнє αвуѕѕ αℓѕσ gαzєѕ ιηтσ уσυ.
°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° נυѕт тяу ιт ωιтн вєαυтуηєѕѕ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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