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And in general, how best to invest these days?


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On 4/6/2022 at 12:20 AM, Kewl said:

if you don't want to risk too much, buy bitcoin and ethereum.

But i dont think so that risk isn't in it. You should have say that if you are thrilling and wat to take risk then invest in Bitcoin and ethereum or any crypto currency.

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trading is about safety ... no matter in wich recource or currency you invest it depends how many people feel safe with this invesment ... when one big guy start to sell his currency to care about his loses ...  mobs will get panic and start to sell their currency too ... so is just psychological thing wich forces forex to choose a direction.

long term investors read news and that how they do money ... the main rule is "sell on news" cuz money need silence.

nowadays is just earth recourcers and property are those where people feel save with investements.

when bill gates says all cryptocurrencies is a bs. the mobs reacted to it rapidly u can see the big drops in the past half year.

the world currency is not safe anymore ... br-dollar, rubel,  rupies and chinese yen ... have their highs this year ... cuz they hold their promises.

awhile euro and us-dollar keep freezing the summs of russian investors. so why to choose these ? it feels like u invest to monopoly money which can be frozen anytime.

so recources is the deal ... last months russia have sold 80% more gold to china than in same period of last year, have new contract with india about gas and oil. 

awhile european people keep frozing funds, and not willing to pay russia in rubel. cuz russian companies feel safe with ruble.

they just shot in their feets and voila there is a profit ... people get bankrupt cuz they need to pay more of electicity and gas bills for marvelous 1000% - 3000% than a half year ago

but lul just return to crypto. when a mining kid just sitted down on his 4 high end grafik cards and mined bitcoin 24/7 ... and to calculate the mining profits u need to summ electricity. it not safe anymore ... so it can be that just some blockchain transactions will take months ... pretty unsafe ... just psychological thing


recources and food imho is the deal ... happy gambling.

*.,* “26.04.2024 the day the faucets were blocked, remember you are not allowed to withdraw funds when your promotion event was dealt with faucets” *,.*

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still about safety ... the huge companies work like a vacuum cleaner in this regions ... they invest into cheap land to profit in 20 or 50 years in the future ... and the government wich giveaway their weapons just for a credit ... when you cannot pay the bill you need to give away the ground you living on ... just for paper ... when you got the property u can sell it ... when you think back ... manhatten was bought for 24 dollars ... now the value for manhatten above 50 billions green paper ...

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*.,* “26.04.2024 the day the faucets were blocked, remember you are not allowed to withdraw funds when your promotion event was dealt with faucets” *,.*

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On 26.11.2022 at 08:48, Azura said:

immer noch über sicherheit ... die riesigen firmen arbeiten in diesen regionen wie ein staubsauger ... sie investieren in billiges land , um in 20 oder 50 jahren davon zu profitieren ... und die regierung verschenkt ihre waffen nur für einen kredit . .. wenn du die rechnung nicht bezahlen kannst, musst du das grundstück, auf dem du lebst, weggeben ... nur fürs papier ... wenn du das eigentum hast, kannst du es verkaufen ... wenn du zurückdenkst ... für was Manhattan gekauft wurde 24 Dollar ... jetzt der Wert für Manhattan über 50 Milliarden Green Paper ...


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