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Blackjack Side Bets


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I looked through these threads but didn't notice this but I think a great option and add to BJ is having a perfect pair ante as well as a 21 +3 ante.  I'll explain each one for those who may not be familiar.


 Perfect Pair(PP) is a side bet on if you get two of the same cards. The payouts for a single deck BJ

Multi suited = x20 = 10spades 10hearts

Same color = x50 = 10diamonds 10hearts

If Multi deck BJ would also include suited PP = x100 = 10hearts 10hearts No PP results in loss of PP ante.


 21 + 3 is a ante bet of three handed poker where you bet on your two cards plus the dealers face card and payouts would go as followed.

Flush = x15

Straight = x25

Straight flush = x50

Three of a kind = x100 


Payouts obviously can be changed to whatever crypto.games feels. Anyways I always liked side betting especially in a game like BJ. Maybe it's the degen in me but we are all here because we love to gamble right?

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I don't know how to edit but I also wanted to add incase it wasn't clear this is all done before so after you're dealt and dealer is dealt if you do not have a qualifying hand normal game of BJ continues if you do win either PP or 21+3 it is paid out and the game of BJ starts. This does not change or have anything to do with BJ it is a pre-flop side betting game. I dont know if it was clear or understood about this aspect I just thought I would mention that. 

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