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  1. Well, take a look for yourself.
  2. Hello. I suggest a provability check for Lottery. Right now, theres no way to prove if the numbers drawn are random, nor if they havent been calculated multiple times until the winners are nice for cg. Like, atm you could just create the random numbers until you are fine with the winners and just post that winning numbers OR you could not even create them random and just decide who wins. This would give safety to actually participate in the lottery.
  3. VorkA

    Beats by me

    10 of you saying: YES and I am going to a studio recording that song myself with a studio visual record.
  4. Heyo! KingPyorn and me wanted to challenge each other and found a bug on showing the correct balance playing plinko on autobet. If you play it like that, the bets showing up wont match your balance activity. The balance seems to be faster than the bets. I don't know how to explain properly. Easy to re-create that at all. Thank you! ~V
  5. Heyo! As there have been questions on adding an avatar to your CG "ingame" account before: Hit "Your Account". "Settings". Upper Tab "Avatar". Create a Gravatar Mail (real talk? just set up some). Add it being your avatar there. add the mail to CG. DONE. Mods, Admins, please move that to.. where it belongs to.
  6. All of these triggers to do.. i would not know where to start o: I stay with lutpin on chat: Open fire. - perfect heat, easy to do, perfect chick..ens.
  7. VorkA

    Beats by me

    Well, you dragged me into here Lutpin. Your fault then and something when german rap was cool.
  8. Really well done Dude! i am up from 2200 sats to 40000 right now, roulette as well.
  9. Ha Kewl and Joter! Tricked ya ;D Nah. Just kidding. I would suggest a Music section here as well! The cause is kinda obvious! ~V
  10. VorkA

    Let's settle this!

    F. Kirby won <.<
  11. Yo, You can't receive a PM due to less posts i think. Username: [HKS][SAVIOR]VorkA Friendscode: 28212919 (yes, I just ctrl - v ed it)
  12. You did run them? So I guess on eAthena. been nice scripting the npc's there as well and yeah, the official servers went shit since gravity went off them. only lag there. The P-Servers are the better officials. I am the same potato level on cs go will send you a pm!
  13. Hey guys! As there is this topic, i came to the idea to come together in different games, aside of gambling. I don't know if you are into playing MMORPG's or FPS shooter for example, but i want to know your opinion. If people here play games like CS:GO, WoW, The Elder Scrolls: Online, Ragnarok Online or even MapleStory or such things, why not play together? Maybe this is a topic to find together on there as well! For me, I am used to play Ragnarok Online (private servers, low-rates, due to less lag). Elder Scrolls Online. And of course Arma 3 as the tactical Shooter. What about you guys? Maybe we won't keep on just rolling the numbers but rolling over enemies as well! ~V
  14. Damn it. well done NobFox xD
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