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  1. Ha Kewl and Joter! Tricked ya ;D Nah. Just kidding. I would suggest a Music section here as well! The cause is kinda obvious! ~V
  2. Yo, You can't receive a PM due to less posts i think. Username: [HKS][SAVIOR]VorkA Friendscode: 28212919 (yes, I just ctrl - v ed it)
  3. You did run them? So I guess on eAthena. been nice scripting the npc's there as well and yeah, the official servers went shit since gravity went off them. only lag there. The P-Servers are the better officials. I am the same potato level on cs go will send you a pm!
  4. Hey guys! As there is this topic, i came to the idea to come together in different games, aside of gambling. I don't know if you are into playing MMORPG's or FPS shooter for example, but i want to know your opinion. If people here play games like CS:GO, WoW, The Elder Scrolls: Online, Ragnarok Online or even MapleStory or such things, why not play together? Maybe this is a topic to find together on there as well! For me, I am used to play Ragnarok Online (private servers, low-rates, due to less lag). Elder Scrolls Online. And of course Arma 3 as the tactical Shooter.
  5. Damn it. well done NobFox xD
  6. Alright. Just thought it would be a little handy
  7. This is more likely the problem for "hidden" trophies and such. And yeah, i feel it. Like when there are throphies like "turn for 360°, watch to the moon, jump 2 times and then shoot your foot" well.. people find these. but i am not one of them. but some of them are just ridicoulous to find at all. I use to play through a game and take all the things with me (like for example Horizon and the collectibles there. as well as the trophy to complete the story with ALL acquointances. which i achieved just by playing the sidequests and else before ending the story) and then maybe look up what i mi
  8. VorkA

    Let's settle this!

    Of course Team Mario. Who else could do that amount of shrooms?
  9. By the way I had that hit for Playmoney more often. like 5 times in the meantime. but i didnt consider it that special, only as i hit it on a real coin tho
  10. Hey! I don't know if that would be useful for some, but i would suggest an options for the autobets thats raises/lowers the wager amount by x % after y bets. As an example for Roulette, I'd like to flat-bet on one number. So i would have to raise my wager amount after 35 spins to profit on a hit. So you would add the 35 spins mark to raise your wager by x %. Then just the return to base on win. ---------- Another suggestion: Adding a "Stop on win/lose" option. I start to play the auto-bets more and more and try on higher multipliers like 2000
  11. VorkA


    Link can be edited too i think. I use the https://crypto.games/chat/chatall.aspx To just show english and international chats. Don't know if it works like that if you just leave out a language you don't need, can't test it right now.
  12. I've been playing on auto-mode, flat betting minimum ltc wager. Been extremely lucky and had this hit after around 2300 tries
  13. Yoyo guys! What do you think of my recent bet? Can't believe it really hit
  14. By the way, what genres do you would like to play at all? Because all of the games that been mentioned here are AAA titles. If you don't want the heat and action all the time, but a game that you can easily play an hour a day here and then just to relax, thats Stardew Valley. But as well i can really suggest Terraria and Starbound. And then there is Evoland 1 & 2. Kinda interesting and fun game to play, with very different mechanics that change within the story. Also the graphic is changing.
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