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  1. It's username: Stoner I'm verified and ty glad I caught it on this forum y'all should put a banner up maybe and ty a ton
  2. Username: Stoner Bet1:https://crypto.games/bet/dice/6911680113 Bet2:https://crypto.games/bet/dice/6911682417
  3. Make a minimum time period but allowing players to help stake in eth 2.0 while charging a fee to pull out under x amount of time could be profitable and keep ppl loyal to the site.
  4. Roll hunt features in chat even with tiny payouts keep people busy and from spamming which would be great
  5. That and and a expanded slot selection of games that aren't exclusive necessarily but def reward loyalty in games and amounts bet and/or lost
  6. CryptoGames username: Stoner Betid 1: https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28952295 BetID 2:https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28952296 BetID 3:https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28952297 BetID 4:https://crypto.games/bet/roulette/28952298
  7. CryptoGames Username: Stoner BetID:https://crypto.games/bet/dice/6671617692 222x
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