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Adding PW for self exclusion

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I think it will be in the best interest of everybody on this site. If there is a password added on to the button of self exclusion in case someone gets into your account or you leave your browser open, which then people can just go there and exclude you forgotten knows how long


it happened to me last night through a spiteful why, she went snooping on my phone and found through the settings, a self exclusion button, and decided to exclude me for a couple of years which is in right. If there was a password to confirm, she wouldn’t of been able to do it. Please look into it it’s something so simple.

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Your account is already protected with a password. If you have other people around who can access your devices: log out. What if someone decides to gamble away your balance? Protect that with password too? 🙂


I personally don't agree with adding an extra password for self-exclusion. People should be able to self-exclude easily without having to go through extra steps.

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On 1/22/2024 at 10:33 PM, Stupidbetsbj said:

It’s just a small step , kind of like enter password to exclude and log out . That way it 100% was intentional 


but I understand your point as well

That small extra step can get someone into big trouble. Imagine someone with gambling problems wanting to self-exclude after losing a lot, but because of the extra password they get second doubts, stay and gamble more than they can afford to lose.. That's exactly the reason I think this step should be easy; from a gambler's view.

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I’m a compulsive gambler myself as you may know . 
I don’t believe entering a password would change there position on continuing a bad habit or excluding. Maybe we can have a vote on it out of curiosity to see peoples thoughts

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when there is no will to recover for sick people ... nobody can help ... should stay simply as it is ... and there is no need to include different circumstances when you discuss just about one thing.

*.,* “26.04.2024 the day the faucets were blocked, remember you are not allowed to withdraw funds when your promotion event was dealt with faucets” *,.*

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