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What do you guys think of this bet and strategy? (Not mine)


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I enjoy hunting for something like 100x myself, and yes, I'm increasing my bets, not after each loss, but after like 10-15 losses.

Here's my recent win with this strategy:

I made 10 bets with 0.00000300 ETH, then increased my bet by 0.00000010 ETH, and won the second roll after that. It worked this time, I can say. 🙂

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I think it's a fair strategy increasing your bets after each loss but are they increasing their multiplier as well? and is that a strategy for every game mode or only dice? Also curious what the long term profit was like and do you reset back to a base betting amount after you hit or do you continue going higher after your next loss? 

 Personally for myself it really depends on the game I'm playing for instance in dice I like to play manual for the most part and increasing my wager or multi slows down the process so I test the waters with a multiplier at 20-30x and my bet amount always depends on my bankroll that day. To be perfectly honest though I don't use dice for much more than creating a good sized bankroll to go and play one of the other games like keno/minesweeper/roulette and if I just want to chat I'll auto bet slots.

 However the strategy I use to build a bankroll I am curious what the public thinks about it. I have two strategies and I'll use bitcoin for my example here but you could use any of the crypto you wanted to. The first strategy I use is 10x and anywhere from 0.00000012 btc to 0.00000250 btc (again depends what I'm starting my balance from a rain cause I busted and I have lets say  0.00000500 btc im starting at the lower etc etc) and I'm building that stack up to about 0.00040000 btc and then moving on to bigger and better things. Strategy number 2

 Go to dice game, select auto bet option now you want to set your bet amount t0 0.00000012 btc - multiplier set anywhere from 8x-50x - set on win increase bet by 100% - set on loss decrease bet by 15% - the over/under's  are by your preference  to set switch over/under after every bet , switch over/under after loss or switch over/under after win - set roll every 275 milliseconds - set maximum bet size 0.00000096 btc - Set minimum bet size 0.00000012 btc 

 your bet sizes are upto you but I recommend you never raise your maximum bet size more than three times the minimum bet size , other wise you will go nowhere trying to chase your max bet unless you get 4-5 in a row you will eventually get drained. THIS IS VERY VOLATILE do not leave unattended one minute you can be up 10k sats the next back down to nothing. I can run this with as little as  0.00000500 btc to start and can raise a balance upto 0.00020000 btc within minutes at which point I stop and go play something a but more fun like keno or minesweeper.

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