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New challenges on the CryptoGames Discord


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What's up guys!

Just want to let you know there's new challenges for you on our Discord 


Some of you might recognize it, it's an old idea I had a while back just to drive more engagement in our Discord. 

Really simple bounties/challenges that you can win just by playing normally on our website, and on top of that, earn small bonuses and points for winning. What do these points do, you ask? For now, it's just a way to increase your ranking on a new leaderboard, as bragging rights.

Follow the instructions on the bounty board channel, and then, simply submit here on this channel called #bounty-submissions


And, if you have any suggestions for bounties or benefits, please let me know here on this thread OR in our #general chat on Discord. Let's make some fun bounties to hunt for (but not too easy, or I will have to reject them)

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I have been doing this daily since a couple of days.

It's very easy and hardly takes any effort.

And the minimum bet is low too!

On average it is taking less than an hour for me, to do this 🙂

Good luck everyone!

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