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Hi all, im a quiet new user and im sorry if this might be asked or beeing requested already. I checked current feature requests and could not find anything related.

For the bet informations table, i somehow miss filter options like for example: only show winning/loosing bets, or other criterias which might be a good addition to keep track or search /find specific bets meeting a certain criteria.


Else i wanted to state that your site is a nice place to be and enjoy it everyday a little more 😄

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Use pop-ups wisely. You always have very detailed stats on your opponent at your fingertips, which you can find in the pop-ups. If you have a lot of hands on someone, but you don't know what line to play in a hand, open a pop-up and look at the more rarely used stats against that player. At https://12betno1.com/, you can still play a couple of times to get familiar with the stakes. It's not a casino, but there are some pretty decent games there. The trick to playing poker, which is a type of slop play, is check-behind. Used by a player with a strong hand to let his opponent bet on the river instead of folding.

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There are high odds limits. I practice basketball and I can tell you from this example. There are a lot of bets on basketball, from small to extremely large amounts. Seeing this, the betting companies have not reduced the odds, but rather try to maintain at the highest possible level. So that the players have not lost interest in betting on basketball. But this strategy is used only by our betting companies. They also give standard odds for the games. Further, there is a low margin. Pay attention to top picks in betting news and you will see what is what. 

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