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I don't know if that would be useful for some, but i would suggest an options for the autobets thats raises/lowers the wager amount by x % after y bets.

As an example for Roulette, I'd like to flat-bet on one number. So i would have to raise my wager amount after 35 spins to profit on a hit.

So you would add the 35 spins mark to raise your wager by x %. Then just the return to base on win.




Another suggestion: 

Adding a "Stop on win/lose" option. I start to play the auto-bets more and more and try on higher multipliers like 2000x on dice and yesterday the 12523x on Minesweeper.

If i try these bets, i would live to do it while being busy with something else, because it doesnt help me to win that multipliers 3 times in a row, but as i return to game i am busted because it run through 😛



Thanks for the attention!


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