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💣 Crypto.Games 💣 Daily Quest 💣 Monday August 30th & Tuesday August 31st: Minesweeper 💣 Up To 45 Rewards 💰


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Create C, G and Perimeter Patterns.

Challenge ends in:










What is this challenge about?

As shown on images above, Hunt for one C-Pattern on a field with 5 mines, one G-Pattern on a field with 4 mines and one Perimeter-Pattern on a field with 4 mines. Bets don't have to be consecutive.


Rules & Requirements

  • 1 Prize per player.
  • Only winning bets will be accepted.
  • Bets don't have to be hit consecutive, as long as they fulfill requirements.
  • Submit all 3 bets on a single unedited post.
  • Bets placed between August 30th 00:00 UTC and August 31st 23:59 UTC are valid.
  • Minimum bet: 10 credits for all coins. Bets placed with Playmoney are not valid.



  • If 1-15 winners: 25,000 Satoshi
  • If 16-30 winners: 35,000 Satoshi
  • If 31-45 winners: 45,000 Satoshi

We will reward up to 45 eligible players within 48 hours after the challenge is over.

Winners who completed KYC tier 3 and have a verified badge on their forum profile receive a 20% bonus.


How to Enter

  • When you hit the required bets, post your CryptoGames Username and the links to your BetID on this thread.
  • Do not edit your post.
  • Only entries posted before Wednesday September 1st 01:00 UTC (an hour after challenge is finished) will be accepted.





Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events.

Catch the winning spirit!

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