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These are some of my (top 5) favorite alt coins...
I am not an alt coin investor, though I do day trading sometimes with BTC or USDT/USD

One reason is that, it is the most popular after bitcoin.
Another reason is I'm more comfortable trading with ETH pairs than with BTC pairs.

It started a few months after I transitioned into Crypto from Forex markets.
I like the team vision and the progress.

Binance Coin
Obviously since one of my favorite trading platform is Binance. 
Having some BNB helps reduce the transaction fees.

Doge Coin
Well I like dogs (who doesn't 🤔) and am building it since 3 years.
One of my goals was 100k doge, which I've achieved prior to the doge raise, when it was at around 20-21 sat.
Now I am setting my eyes for 1M DOGE, ambitious or over ambitious 😋

I like the way it broke into the top 10 list.
And as it enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data.
But I know very less about the coin and gathering the required fundamental knowledge.

As for me, I haven't invested in any alts except Ethereum. 
Bitcoin I have invested, and some of the alts I do day trading, as per my indicators/scripts.
I am not proficient in trading though, I am gathering data and expanding my fundamental knowledge.

What are your favorite alt coins? 
Have you invested in some of the alts? And/Or into Trading?


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