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🎰 Crypto.Games 🎰 Daily Quest July 26th & July 27th: 🎰 Slot 🎰 Up To 0.6 mBTC Reward 🎰


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Slot Challenge: Win 15 bets with 3x7 and 5 bets with 4 of the same symbols (4xA or 4x7), then post your BetIDs on this thread to claim 0.5 mBTC reward.


- 1 claim per player. 
- Must be winning bets; 4x7 does not count as 3x7, 5x7/A does not count as 4x7/A.
- Only bets placed between Monday July 26th 00:00 UTC and Tuesday July 27th 23:59 UTC are valid.

- Submit all bets on a single post and please do not edit your post.
-Minimum bet: DOGE: 10 credits ETH: 10 credits BTC: 20 credits LTC: 30 credits XMR: 20 credits BCH: 20 credits ETC: 10 credits DASH: 20 credits GAS: 30 credits.


Prize: 50,000 Satoshi
(Winners with KYC tier 3 completed and marked as verified, get 20% bonus)
(we will reward up to 40 valid claims)

When you hit all the required bets, post all your BetIDs before Wednesday July 28th 01:00 UTC (an hour after challenge is finished) on this thread with your CryptoGames username with the following format:

Crypto.Games Username: <Username>
BetID 1: <link to BetID> <result>
BetID 2: <link to BetID> <result>
BetID 3: <link to BetID> <result>
BetID 4: <link to BetID> <result>
Only bets that are posted as link will be valid.

Challenge ends in:

We will reward the first 40 eligible players within 48 hours after the challenge is over.

Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events.


Catch the winning spirit!

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Crypto.Games Username: Cuan

BetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47774601 3x7

BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47774916 3x7       

BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47774998 3x7

BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775183 4xA       

BetID 5: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775207 4xA       

BetID 6: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775400 4xA       

BetID 7: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775486 4xA       

BetID 8: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775533 4xA       

BetID 9: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775583 3x7       

BetID 10: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775608 3x7       

BetID 11: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775754 3x7       

BetID 12: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775820 3x7       

BetID 13: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775857 3x7       

BetID 14: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47775876 3x7       

BetID 15: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47776104 3x7       

BetID 16: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47776341 3x7       

BetID 17: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47776353 3x7        

BetID 18: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47776472 3x7        

BetID 19: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47776478 3x7       

BetID 20: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47776647 3x7       


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Crypto.Games Username: Asareel891

BetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793399 3x7       

BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793455 3x7       

BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793467 3x7       

BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793490 3x7       

BetID 5: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793578 3x7       

BetID 6: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793583 3x7       

BetID 7: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793596 3x7       

BetID 8: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793634 3x7       

BetID 9: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793654 4xA       

BetID 10: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793669 4xA       

BetID 11: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793764 3x7       

BetID 12: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793816 3x7       

BetID 13: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793847 3x7       

BetID 14: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793863 3x7       

BetID 15: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47793959 3x7       

BetID 16: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47794022 4xA       

BetID 17: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47794224 3x7       

BetID 18: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47794427 3x7       

BetID 19: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47794493 4xA       

BetID 20: https://crypto.games/bet/slot/47794643 4xA       

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