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💣 Weekend Challenge: Minesweeper 💣 July 16th, July 17th & July 18th 💣 Hunt for highest multiplier 💣


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Minesweeper Challenge: Get the highest multiplier you can on a field with at least 6 mines. Top 10 players with highest multiplier will be rewarded.


- 1 reward per player.
- They must be winning bets.
- Payout must be at least x9.445 to qualify.
- Bets must be placed on a field with at least 6 mines.
- Do not edit posts. Instead, make a new post if you get a better multiplier.
- Only bets placed between July 16th 00:00 UTC and July 18th 23:59 UTC are valid.
-Minimum bet: DOGE: 10 credits ETH: 20 credits BTC: 30 credits LTC: 30 credits XMR: 20 credits BCH: 20 credits ETC: 10 credits DASH: 30 credits GAS: 30 credits.


1st place: 600,000 Satoshi
2nd place: 400,000 Satoshi
3rd place: 300,000 Satoshi
4th place: 200,000 Satoshi
5th place: 150,000 Satoshi
6th place: 100,000 Satoshi
7th place: 80,000 Satoshi
8th place: 20 Lotto tickets
9th place: 15 Lotto tickets
10th place: 10 Lotto tickets

* Lotto tickets are for Bitcoin Lottery

(Winners with KYC tier 3 completed, get 20% bonus)
* 20% bonus doesn't apply for Lotto ticket winners.

In case of a tie on multiplier, the higher bet amount wins. If there is a tie again, the first poster wins.

Please post your bet in the follow format before Monday July 19th 01:00 UTC (an hour after the challenge is finished):

CryptoGames Username: <Username>
BetID: <link to BetID> <multiplier>


Challenge ends in:


Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events.


Catch the winning spirit!


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Fantastic effort! Well done to everyone who won a prize. Final results below:


Rank Player Multiplier
1 NaughtyDoggy 2504.7x
2 RigsterZ 1442.1x
3 bourne 1077.613x
4 Exojr 1077.613x
5 JuGar 831.981x
6 Eibhear767 569.25x
7 Sadia19 417.45x
8 8bunt2 379.5x
9 Evian172 379.5x
10 Lauri 356.563x


Our current ongoing challenge is Plinko - Hit unique payouts. Good luck!

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PLAY.png Catch the winning spirit!

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