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★ Wagering Quest: June 9th & June 10th ★ Wager Bitcoin for 48 hours ★


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Play with us on June 9th and June 10th, and wager Bitcoin for 48 hours on any game you like.



- You have 48 hours (from June 9th 00:00 UTC until June 10th 23:59 UTC) to reach a top position. 
- Top 7 players with most BTC wagered during this period will be rewarded.
- Players don't have to claim their reward.

- We will update this thread regularly with rankings.

Prizes & Bonuses
1st place: 500,000 Satoshi
2nd place: 350,000 Satoshi
3rd place: 225,000 Satoshi
4th place: 150,000 Satoshi
5th place: 100,000 Satoshi
6th place: 20 tickets for BTC lottery
7th place: 10 tickets for BTC lottery

Bonus prizes
Wager at least BTC and get an additional prize of 0.001 BTC
Wager at least 1.5 BTC and get an additional prize of 0.002 BTC
Wager at least BTC and get an additional prize of 0.003 BTC

Note that only BTC wager is eligible for reward. Players will be rewarded the next day.

This event will start on Wednesday, June 9th at 00:00 UTC and will run until Thursday June 10th 23:59 UTC.

You can find your daily wager under statistic on your game page.


Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events.



Catch the winning spirit!

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Day 1 top players:

Nickname Coin Wagered
1. tmills BTC 2.19074309
2. pelcuk BTC 0.40867408
3. mcblair BTC 0.13961953
4. krammillan BTC 0.12939381
5. gently BTC 0.12403297
6. Yq556677 BTC 0.12270171
7. Fenwick791 BTC 0.11695880
8. tuesday BTC 0.11020500
9. phenozarky BTC 0.10647043
10. Cana327 BTC 0.09382006


Day 2 top players:

Nickname Coin Wagered
Shahista BTC 2.63581842
Wmshp112 BTC 0.37692693
Jayspot420 BTC 0.32566978
Lendca745 BTC 0.20369229
gently BTC 0.15384835
juan BTC 0.07492427
Crypt0Knight BTC 0.07117308
pelcuk BTC 0.05472267
Rutaj BTC 0.04435634
Attilaloe BTC 0.03263785



End results: 



Rewards will be dealt soon.

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