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Alright guys, this challenge is not for the feint of heart, but note the prize is rather worth it.

First of all if your excluded from regular events, your excluded from this one was as well.  The list can be found below.

Alright so the prize is 250 DOGE to 5 players.

So you can score a sweet prize by one of 2 ways.

You must get a full house with 3 ACES (A's) or 3 Kings (K's).

If you get a four of a kind with either card set, I'll double your prize to 500 DOGE.

Min bet is 10 credits in any coin but PLAY.

Good luck guys and have fun.

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Sorry for the wait, you would think I would find another exchange by now.  Yet it's mainly a waiting game like usual.  As soon as the funds arrive in my phone's wallet, I'll be transferring and paying out.  So sorry guys

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