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So I am going to suggest a new feature for crypto games....


Crypto.Games.Time.Crypt / CGTC


Crypto.Games.Stash / CGS


The user will have the option to transfer any amount of there balance into the CGTC.

Once the user transfers the funds into the CGTC the funds are automatically time locked for 24 hrs.. and under no circumstances can the funds be released before that 24-hour clock runs out.

During this 24-hour period the user will have the option to extend the time lock for a extra 1 - 150 days. Which under no circumstances will be released until the selected time they chose is up. 

The user may select in the settings to switch off the CGTC. If so....

It will be replaced with the CGS.

The difference is simple, there is no Time locking features at all. 

Funds sent to the CGTC or the CGS can only be withdrawn or rained. They cannot be transferred back into your balance, or tipped. 


Non VIP members have to pay 2.2% fee 

VIP members have to pay 1.2% fee

User must be verified tier 3.

User must not have faucet abuse/farming history.(if they're disciplined to farm faucets, it would be no use to them. The only use it would serve, is a tool rake in more money and hurt the site.)


This feature will give the user a versatile control over there funds. It will make CG stand out from all the other sites and show CG isn't trying exploit addictions and rather help them control it... 


 It will help the User play smarter and not lose as much.

 I believe this is a mutual benefit. It will help CG to create more loyalty and add to its positive reputation. 


There has to be requirements to access to this feature, also needs to be the fee all to protect the site. 

The user should be a active player for a certain length of time as well.

Let the brainstorming commence!!


Ps. I know my grammar is horrifying I apologize..  🤠 




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