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Rocket Moon GO (Dual Reflective Token)

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Rocket Moon GO
“RFI utility to reimagine gaming on the blockchain”

Rocket Moon GO is the first project of its kind in the cryptoverse. We have created two competing RFI clones that interact with each other in a gamified way. We have named this new class of token Dual Reflect Tokens (DRTs). The theme is racing two rockets called Falcon and Skylark to “da moon” (but we’re more than that).

How do the rockets race? Rocket Moon GO is the umbrella for the two tokens, as ‘mission control’, our focus is to market the tokens in a way that sparks rivalry between the teams. We are employing online paid marketers to grow competitive shilling between the tokens, we will also be assisting active users to create their own team spaces. We also have a pretty serious burn schedule which acts as a ‘virtual save point’ in the game, as players push their rockets past set market cap thresholds we will implement manual burns to lock in your progress (see the full burn schedule here https://www.rocketmoongo.finance/)

How do the tokens interact? For every buy/Sell a fee is taken and spread across our holders, our treasury and the burn wallet. On every sell a 2% fee is used to market buy the opposing team’s rocket and burn it. Simply put, when you dump, you add liquidity to the opposition and reduce their supply pumping the price, when they dump they will pump you. More information on our website and medium.

We are growing a vibrant telegram for discussing how to play this game, the scope is massive and we’re proud to be the first doing this, please join us at https://t.me/rocketmoongo. Our twitter is for announcements and updates, please join us here https://twitter.com/rocketmoongo.

We fairlaunched on 07/05/2021, and have already 100 players interacting with the tokens at the time of writing.

We are a 2 person team based in the UK and the US.

Website (currently being redesigned in full 8bit): https://www.rocketmoongo.finance/
First medium explainer article: https://rocketmoongo.medium.com/on-reflection-its-all-in-the-game-89208958f2d2

In progress:
We have commissioned a kickass promo video to bring Falcon and Skylark to life in their full glory, 1-2 weeks.
We are rebuilding the website to include a dual chart layout and a ‘mission control’ for token stats and race progress.
We are reaching out to major Twitter influencers and YouTubers.

Next up:
Rebrand with new artwork.
Launch new feature packed website.
Theme tune… we’re going to need a catchy song.
Activate our battle plan team outreach to assist our users to grow their teams.

More roadmap on our website.

Hope you’re ready to play Rocket Moon GO 🚀🚀

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