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🔴 Crypto.Games Plinko Challenge 🟢 July 7th - July 10th 🔵 Up To 10 Wins On 3rd Best Payout Slot 🟡

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Win up to 10 bets on 3rd best payout! 

Challenge ends in:




Win up to 10 bets on 3rd best payout slot as shown on image above (any color ball allowed).



Rules & Requirements

  • 1 Prize per player.
  • Only wins on 3rd best payout slot count (green 6, red 5, blue 3 and yellow 20).
  • Submitted bets doesn't have to be the same color.
  • To enter, post a minimum of 3 wins.
  • Bets placed between July 7th 00:00 UTC and July 10th 23:59 UTC are valid.
  • If after submitting 10 bets you would like to replace a bet with a higher value entry, create a new post. Do not edit your posts.
  • Minimum bet: 10 credits for all coins. Bets placed with Playmoney are not valid.


Top 10 rewards:

  1. 0.00200000 BTC
  2. 0.00150000 BTC
  3. 0.00125000 BTC
  4. 0.00075000 BTC
  5. 0.00050000 BTC
  6. 0.00025000 BTC
  7. 4 lotto tickets
  8. 3 lotto tickets
  9. 2 lotto tickets
  10. 1 lotto ticket

Winners who completed KYC tier 3 and have a verified badge on their forum profile receive a 25% bonus.
On a tie, player who has the largest average bet size, then the player submitted their bet first, wins.



How to Enter

  • When you hit the required bets, post your CryptoGames Username and your BetIDs using following format*:
    CryptoGames Username: <Username>
    Bet 1: <BetID>
    Bet 2: <BetID>
  • If you want to add or replace a bet, submit it on a new post. Do not edit your previous post.
  • Only entries posted before Monday July 11th 01:00 UTC (an hour after challenge is finished) will be accepted.


Players excluded from entering this promotion:

CryptoGames reserves the right to exclude any Player from upcoming challenges for no stated reason. For any complaints please contact support@crypto.games.


*It is the responsibility of the user to check their own bets are correct and it is highly recommended you check your bets after posting. Due to the volume of bets posted, the team will not be hunting for correct bets where a user has submitted an incorrect bet id. 



Please check our promotions page for a view of all our current planned daily events.

Catch the winning spirit!

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4 hours ago, JuGar said:

Wrong link! 👀

You should correct it. 👍

Thanks for pointing it out , my bad for not checking 🙂 . Since already ended , no worries just for the fun of it 😄 .

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3 hours ago, somuchee said:

Thanks for pointing it out , my bad for not checking 🙂 . Since already ended , no worries just for the fun of it 😄 .

Since you have previous entry, they will get the right bet ID from your previous entry 🙂

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