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  1. Oh yes, the new revamped Roulette. I love it. To the point that has encouraged me to play it assiduously (and not just with Plays). Although, of course, there is still some details that could be polished to make it more, if possible, playable and attractive. The issue I see most dysfunctional is that, after the error “bet size is larger thEn balance” appears, the entire arrangement of chips disappears (as if doing “CLEAR”). This can be anecdotal with simple bets, but very annoying with complicated ones. (When you've spent time setting an elaborate chip arrangement, having to redo everything is a annoying setback). • In addition, the “D” hotkey stops working (and the page needs to be reloaded for it to operate again). I've also seen that there are some hotkeys that work (in addition to "D"), but I don't see them listed anywhere. It would be nice if that list of hotkeys was in sight (or better yet, indicated on each button in the interface). In any case, congratulations to CG on the great job renovating the roulette game. It was quite a success.
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