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  1. Crypto.Games Username: Pandarian BetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14876975 BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/plinko/14876978
  2. Crypto.Games Username: Pandarian BetID 1: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48837410 BetID 2: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48838032 BetID 3: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48838169 BetID 4: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48838185 BetID 5: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48840481 BetID 6: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48845075 BetID 7: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48845276 BetID 8: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48845352 BetID 9: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48845512 BetID 10: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48
  3. Looks like he had a good bankroll. Still some awsome wins at the end
  4. Crypto.Games Username: Pandarian BetID: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48732265 102.173x
  5. I remember saying that rather than posting special challenges (Before New Daily Challenges) and discussing CG matters on BT (BitcoinT***) forum, it would be better to have a own forum for Crypto.Games. At that time, some said its not necessary. But now when I see that, CG has finaly launched its own Discussion Forum, I feel that CG is moving on the right track. Now peoples an give suggestions, Talk about strategies and all other matters related to CG here. Its someway better than Chat as, Chat will be limted few few previous lines only. But in forum everyone can read and comment on the di
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