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  4. Yes, it is good now. When I was checking it few minutes ago, I noticed that the traffic is low, but when in Inspect mode, the loading over and over starts again. Then I found out, that my browser disables caching by default when I open the Inspect mode. And because seeing those requests flowing in that mode was my main evidence that convinced me that this bug is happening, now I am not even sure if this issue was real Thank you for your fast response and, if the problem was real, for the fix.
  5. Hello, when I look at "All bets" and watch all the new bets, I do not really get why the page has to load image of the coin for every individual bet. There are only 10 images in total (one for every coin), but when I am on "All bets", it just does not care and downloads the same images over and over for every bet and in my case, it results in downloading ~20 images/second at ~800kbps. I believe I even saw some time ago a few people complaining about this that it takes too much bandwidth, so it would be nice to not download images more than once. In my case, from what I can see, this could lower the transmitted data by ~95% for the same effect. Thank you. Tharey
  6. Crypto.Games Username: Tharey BetID: https://crypto.games/bet/dice/6675020860 9900x
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  12. Hello, when I am setting up autobet for minesweeper, I think it would be nice if it showed me the chance of winning together with the potential payout. Thanks. Tharey
  13. Crypto.Games Username: Tharey BetID: https://crypto.games/bet/minesweeper/48714445 404.105x
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